Life Care Plans

Life care planning is a process of formulating a life care plan to address the current and future health needs for a person who has experienced an injury or chronic illness. The life care planner interviews, researches and develops a plan as a basis to address these needs and educate all parties involved. The Plan includes Medical Cost Projections.

Dr. Shapiro’s cases have included catastrophic birth injuries, work related injuries, surgery related injuries, and non-catastrophic motor vehicle injuries.

She is certified as a life care planner through the International Commission on Health Care Certification (ICHCC). The qualifications for certification are extensive and recertification is every five years. Continuing education is mandatory.

Services include:

  • Interviewing catastrophically injured clients and their families.
  • Health records review and research.
  • Incorporating opinions of multidisciplinary health care experts.
  • Assessing the impact of injury and illness on the client’s activities of daily living.
  • Documenting present and future health needs and services.
  • Applying costs dependent on geographical area.
  • Developing the life care plan.
  • Expert opinion and rebuttal.
  • Expert testimony in depositions and trials.